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Uncovering The Treasures of The Seas

AquaNatura is a subsidiary owned investing fund

Dedicated to utilizing Israel’s advanced aqua-technologies and scientific expertise to create and develop new types of fish and sea products. Using the technology and knowledge to produce better, richer and more sustainable food projects. 

Israel is renowned worldwide as a pioneer in the areas of hi-tech, science, military technology, medicine and biology 

As a country which expertise changes desert terrains into flowering heavens, AquaNatura is striving towards finding the solutions for raising, feeding and breeding improved types of sea products, including fish, algae, sponge, etc. (8).gif

Volcani Center -The Agricultural

Research Organization  

AquaNatura is Natura's subsidiary fund focused on developing, breading and creating new and improved sea products based on research and innovations developed by Volcani Center

and the Oceanographic & limnological Research

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Premium Fish

High quality, healthy and sustainable premium fish



The future of raw material

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Natural collagen Production

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